Rebecca and Joe Lombardo have been happily married for 15 years.

However, their lives have not been without conflict. At age 19, Rebecca was diagnosed

with bipolar disorder and struggles with mental illness daily. In 2013, she survived

a suicide attempt.

With Joe by her side, she recovered from that attempt and started a blog detailing her struggles. Eventually that blog was turned into a book and is now available on Amazon.com.

It's Not Your Journey by Rebecca Lombardo

Rebecca is now an advocate for mental health as well as a best-selling author and

international blogger. Joe is also an advocate for mental health and an accomplished


Together they hope to provide people with the point of view of not only the person with mental illness but the point of view of the spouse and caregiver. 

Every Saturday at 11:00 am EST time, a new guest will join Rebecca and Joe on

their podcast. Each guest will provide their own background and teach us about their

struggles and their strength in overcoming those struggles. By continuing to be part of the conversation, they hope to help put an end to the stigma of mental illness

as well as chronic illness in general.


Rebecca and Joe love spending their free time watching movies

and sports. They also have incredibly diverse tastes in music.

They're making this show their own by adding a little bit of their

favorite things every week. Keep listening to see what happens next! 

Together Rebecca and Joe hope to change the mental health discussion

one voice at a time.